Spooky Cipher Pokemon Go Field Research Explained | Tips and Tricks for Success

You’re probably already familiar with field research assignments if you play Pokemon Go. Players must finish these objectives by spinning PokeStops and gathering stamps related to scientific advancements. New research assignments are added every month, offering players the chance to find uncommon Pokemon, special rewards, and encounters. Pokemon Go unveiled Spooky Cipher Field Research Tasks in October 2021, with a Halloween theme. We’ll go over the details of the Spooky Cipher assignments in this article and offer success strategies.

Spooky Cipher Field Research Tasks

Special research assignments known as Spooky Cipher Field Research Tasks were introduced in October 2021 in anticipation of Halloween. These challenges include Pokémon that are eerie, enigmatic, and ghost-type. The unique research tasks that lead to meetings wit Halloween-specific Pokemon like Spiritomb, Gourgeist, and Sableye shouldn’t to be confused with the spooky cipher tasks.

Tasks for the Spooky Cipher are distributed by rotating PokeStops once a day to obtain a task card. The tasks on the card range in type and difficulty. These could entail activities like hatching eggs or using particular berries to catch particular Pokemon. Players have to comply with the task requirements in order to receive the task stamp. A player gets a research breakthrough that opens up rewards once they have gathered stamps from seven jobs.

Pokemon Go’s Spooky Cipher Field Research Tasks are listed as follows

  1. Acquire ten Pokemon of the Ghost type to receive 1000 stardust.
  2. Make Five Nice Throws; Get a Gastly Encounter in Return.
  3. Get 3 Pokemon of the Ghost type to receive 5 Pokeballs.
  4. Move 20 Pokemon—Reward: Meet a Duskull
  5. To catch Pokemon, use 5 berries. The reward is 500 stardust.
  6. 500 stardust is awarded for catching 15 Pokemon.
  7. Utilize Incense for a Phantump Encounter reward.
  8. Get 1500 Stardust by evolving three Ghost-type Pokemon.
  9. Get 10 Pokeballs for hatching 3 eggs.
  10. Acquire five distinct Pokemon species to receive the Litwick Encounter reward.

Tips and Tricks for Success

To get the most out of the Spooky Cipher Field Research Tasks, there are a few tips and tricks to follow.

  1. Focus on Obtaining Research Tasks – The first tip for success is to focus on obtaining research tasks. Spin as many PokeStops as possible to increase your odds of receiving a research task. Once you have multiple tasks, you can take advantage of completing them in bulk.
  2. Be Smart with Berries – Multiple tasks require the use of berries, so be strategic with how you use them. Golden Razz Berries and Silver Pinap Berries give extra benefits, like more Stardust or double candy.
  3. Catch Ghost-Type Pokemon – There are several tasks that require catching Ghost-Type Pokemon, so make sure to prioritize capturing these Pokemon. Use lures or incense to lure Ghost-type Pokemon to your location.
  4. Evolve Ghost-Type Pokemon – Evolving Ghost-type Pokemon is another way to earn rewards in Spooky Cipher Tasks. Focus on catching and hatching as many Ghost-Type Pokemon as possible to evolve them.
  5. Use Pokemon Go Plus or Gotcha – The use of a Pokemon Go Plus or Gotcha makes it easy to collect research stamps without constantly looking at your phone.
  6. Coordinate with Friends – Coordinate with friends to share research tasks and increase the odds of receiving unique rewards.


Playing Pokemon Go’s Spooky Cipher Field Research Tasks is a great way to celebrate Halloween and get exclusive rewards. Players can improve their chances of success and finish these activities faster by paying attention to the advice and strategies provided in this article. To get the most out of the Spooky Cipher assignments, make sure to concentrate on completing research assignments, capture Ghost-Type Pokemon, and use berries strategically. Cheers to your successful search!

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