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Soon, SMS Messages Will Also be Covered by iOS 16’s Report Junk Feature.

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iOS 16

iOS 16 users will soon be able to report junk SMS messages to both Apple and their carrier, in addition to iMessages. With the upcoming “Report Junk” feature, flagged SMS messages will be sent to both parties, including the number and content of the text. Unlike the usual method of forwarding unwanted messages to a four-digit number, which can be time-consuming, this feature streamlines the process for users.

However, reporting a message as junk does not automatically block the number, and users will need to do so manually. This announcement was made during the unveiling of iOS 16 beta 2 for developers on Wednesday, with Apple indicating that the expanded feature will be available to select carriers without naming them.

New Feature Comes Amid Surge in Spam Texts, Scam Messages

The phrase “New Feature Comes Amid Surge in Spam Texts, Scam Messages” refers to the release of a new technology or capability that aims to address a significant increase in unwanted or fraudulent communications being sent through various messaging platforms.

This phrase often appears in the context of technology companies or messaging apps introducing new features or enhancements to their platforms in response to a growing problem of spam, phishing, and scam messages being sent to users. For example, a messaging app might release a new filter or blocking feature to help users automatically identify and block messages from known spammers or scammers.


The “surge” in spam texts or scam messages refers to a sudden increase in the volume of these types of messages being sent to users. This increase may be due to various factors, such as the growing use of messaging apps for business purposes, the ease of creating fake or fraudulent messages, or the use of automated systems to send out large volumes of messages at once.

Overall, the phrase “New Feature Comes Amid Surge in Spam Texts, Scam Messages” highlights the efforts of technology companies to protect users from unwanted or fraudulent communications in an increasingly digital world.

Other New iOS 16 Features

There is no iOS 16 as Apple has not yet released this version. However, I can explain some new features that may be included in future versions of the iOS operating system based on past trends and rumors:

  • Expanded Widgets: Widgets have been a popular feature on iOS 14 and 15, allowing users to add app information to their home screens. iOS 16 may include even more options for widgets, such as the ability to resize them and more customization options.
  • Improved Siri: Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri, may receive an upgrade in iOS 16. Rumors suggest that Siri may be able to better understand and respond to natural language, as well as have more contextual awareness.
  • Health Tracking: Apple has been increasingly focused on health and fitness features in recent years. iOS 16 may include new health tracking features, such as the ability to track blood sugar levels, menstrual cycles, and more.
  • Multi-User Support: Another highly requested feature is the ability to have multiple user profiles on one device. This would allow families to share a device without having to switch between different accounts.
  • Improved Maps: Apple Maps has improved significantly in recent years, and iOS 16 may include even more features to make it a stronger competitor to Google Maps. This may include better public transit directions, more detailed maps, and improved navigation.
  • More Privacy Controls: Apple has been a leader in privacy and security features, and iOS 16 may include even more controls for users to protect their data. This may include new options for controlling app permissions, as well as stronger encryption features.

Please note that these are just speculative features based on past trends and rumors, and Apple may choose to include different features or none of these at all in any future versions of iOS.

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